Board of Directors

Dale V McClung
Phone: 412-721-0070
[email protected].org 

Jennifer Hill
Executive Vice-President

Jennifer Hill
VP Finance

William G Selepes
VP Programs
Phone: 267-229-6896
[email protected] 

Salvatore Miragliotta
VP Education
Phone: 908-415-8393
[email protected] 

Dan Gallagher
VP Marketing
Phone: 610-405-7858
[email protected] 

Candice Winters
VP Administration

Naomi L Tillinger
VP Membership
Phone: 609-330-0004
[email protected] 

Misty P Blessley
VP Young Professionals Program
Phone: 215-204-6237

Daniel Nurmi McAuliffe
VP of Transportation and Logistics
Phone: 215-630-7478
[email protected] 

Anthony P Mauro
Past President
Phone: 267-249-6679
[email protected]