PAN APICS is looking for Company Coordinators to help volunteer with the local APICS chapter. If you are interested, please email [email protected]!

Company Coordinators act as liaisons between the PAN-APICS Chapter Board of Directors and fellow employees at their companies. They make membership applications available to potential new members as well as disseminate meeting information, coordinate registration for programs and certifications. This role is instrumental in facilitating companies gaining maximum benefits from APICS membership.

• Utilize Company Coordinators to optimize APICS membership recruitment and retention
• Increase interest and participation in APICS activities (e.g. certifications, PDMs, networking, events)
• Promote learning and best practice in all areas that fall under the focus of APICS

Membership in good standing with APICS and the PAN-APICS Chapter

Time Commitment:
The program is voluntary and time requirements will vary depending on the size and membership of your organization. Most Company Coordinators invest approximately one hour per month coordinating and dispersing information within their organization.

• Provide feedback to VPof Membership regarding company’s needs and requirements
• Promote and distribute information about PDMs, Networking events, Certification Courses, and other APICS literature to interested parties and relevant personnel
• Be a champion of APICS within theircompany
• Coordinate registration within their company for Chapter activities and submit names, fees, and
supporting information to the APICS chapter office, as applicable
• Represent the Chapter at sponsored events and encourage membership
       o Mentor new members
       o Participate in (or lead) a focus group or market research group to help identify key areas needing improvement within the Chapter or help implement new programs
        o Provide critical feedback to the Board from the customer’s perspective

• Recognition at professional development meetings
• Coordinator’s name published in Chapter newsletter and social networks
• Recipient of Company Coordinator Certification of Appreciation
• Opportunity to network with other Company Coordinators
• Opportunity to attend Chapter Board meetings
• Discount vouchers for attendance at Chapter events
• Opportunity to be heard and serve as a thought leader

Interested? Email [email protected] for details!

Company Coordinator