Do you have an APICS Certification? Ensure you maintain your certification in 5 easy steps!

  1. Log in to your APICS account
  2. Access the online maintenance application (the application is accessible beginning 30 days after you initially obtain certification)
  3. Choose the designation you need to maintain
  4. Fill in the number of points you have earned in each category
  5. Pay the fee and submit the application

What are qualifying activities to maintain certification?

There are four categories:

  1. Continuing education (CE). See examples here
  2. Presentations, publications, and educational development (PPED). See examples here
  3. Service to the supply chain and operations management profession. See examples here
  4. Professional Membership - earn 6 points per year as an APICS member!

Point values for different activities can be found here

Activities that do not qualify can be found here

How many maintenance points are needed?

  • 75 maintenance points are needed for CLTD, CPIM, and CSCP for each five-year cycle
  • A five-year cycle begins with the date a candidate earns their certification
  • The maintenance bulletin is important to read to ensure that you are on the correct path to maintaining your certification.


Certification Maintenance